Your reference, note that the rules and regulations contained in this agreement can not be used against the “Emirates Auction,” but due to it such as the Convention governing the relationship between all relevant parties the site, note that any ambiguity in a regulation or a misunderstanding can not be refuted in a negative impact on the interest of any of the parties. Can not resort to any regulations or laws other than regulations and laws set forth by the “Emirates Auction,” below, but the event occurred Executive Director of the company confirms its commitment to the regulations and other laws, note that any agreement is signed by the authorized official, either verbally or in writing, not necessary to “Emirates Auction” any responsibilities or legal obligations. Recommend “Emirates Auction,” all participants and members to read the regulations and laws governing its relationship with its customers, since customers are to continue the registration process, including approval of all of the Provisions of the regulations of the laws of nature proceed with the relationship between the parties.